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A.K.A.: "The Stureplan Murderer"
Classification: Mass murderer
Characteristics: Revenge
Number of victims: 4
Date of murders: December 4, 1994
Date of arrest: 3 days after
Date of birth: May 28, 1969
Victims profile: A man (nightclub bouncer) and three girls
Method of murder: Shooting (standard Norwegian army issue AG-7)
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Status: Sentenced to life in prison September 1995
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On December 4, 1994, two young men, Tommy Zethraeus and Guillermo Marques Jara, had been refused to enter a night club called Sturecompagniet. They left the club but arrived a few hours later armed with an automatic rifle. Tommy Zethraeus started shooting into the crowds at the front door to the night club, killing four and injuring 20.


Tommy Zethraeus

On December 1994, Swedish mass murderer Tommy Zethraeus opened fire on a crowd waiting in line to get inside a nightclub in Stockholm.

Apparently the bouncer had pissed him off earlier that night. Short tempered Tommy went home to get a standard Norwegian army issue AG-7 (equivalent to AK-47) and returned shooting his gun. Four died -- the bouncer and three innocent girls -- and seven others were wounded.

After a three-day manhunt police caught up with him and his buddies that accompanied him to the club.

In September 1995 Tommy was sentenced to life and is currently serving time in Sweden's premiere maximum security prison.

Ever the humanist, Tommy, in a 40 minute interview on Swedish television, expressed that he regretted killing three innocent bystanders while shooting at the bouncer. Too bad the bouncer didn't let him into the club in the first place.


Tommy Zethraeus

In December 1994, four people were murdered in the middle of Stockholm in what was to be called the "Stureplan Murders", after the place where it happened. It started when three youths in their mid twenties were barred from a restaurant.  They then went away, fetched a machine gun and standing on the pavement right outside the restaurant, massacred a large number of people who were queueing up to get in including the head bouncer who had barred them. At his trial in 1995, Tommy Zethraeus was charged with the murder of four people and sentenced to life imprisonment; his two accomplices both received 4 years.

The forensic psychiatric examination, which was conducted by professor of psychiatry Lars Lidberg, included a so-called PET-scan of Zethraeus' brain, in order to ascertain its biological processes and any dysfunction which could have caused his behaviour. It was then shown that Zethraeus had damage to his frontal lobe, something which he ls reported to share with many other violent criminals. This had the effect of rendering him unable to realize the result of his act and it was explained that located in this particular area, the frontal lobe, is the faculties of thought and the ability to understand the consequences of one's actions.

Tommy Zethraeus was arrested for the first time in August 1990, and held in custody by the Stockholm police at Kronoberg remand centre, where we can see that internees have routinely been put under sedation since the 1970s. It was then, of course, that the transmitter was implanted in his head, and most likely that the cerebral damage was done. This is also the most probable cause of the appearance of more and more crazed and brutal psychopaths who have this kind of brain damage and resulting reduced cerebral function.

Most acts of violence are carried out by people who have been held by the police or in psychiatric institutions and thus been linked up to neuro-experimental computer programmes. We must remember what professor Lindstrom called the technique in his radiological report of a person who had several transmitters implanted while in custody: "radio-hypnoticintracerebral control" This says a great deal about the potential of the technique.

Both of Zethraeus' accomplices at the Stureplan Murders, Guillermo Marquez- Jara and Farshad Doosti had previously been in police custody, Jara between August 3rd-4th 1991 and Doosti, in Falun, in April/May 1993 and had naturally also been subjected to such abuse.



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