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Classification: Mass murderer
Characteristics: Parricide - Drunken rage
Number of victims: 5
Date of murders: September 9, 1990
Date of birth: 1968
Victims profile: Men (including his father)
Method of murder: Shooting (Smith & Wesson pistol)
Location: Vienna, Austria
Status: Committed suicide the same day when confronted by the police

After being ejected from a party for being drunk, he went home and shot his parents, killing one, then went back to the party and killed 4 more.

Turned the gun on himself when confronted by the police.


Felix Zehetner was out one night enjoying himself at a friends barbecue in Vienna. Unfortunately he was probably having a bit too much fun. Too be honest he was completely pissed. And as one does when one is totally pissed, he started arguing with any, and, everyone. In the end the guy who's party it was told him to fuck off home because he was giving the rest of the guests the shits. Everyone agreed, and poor Felix left, feeling very angry at everyone.

On the way home Felix must have had some pretty fucked up thoughts going through his head because as soon as he got there he got out his gun, a Smith & Wesson pistol. He proceeded to load the thing, then went to say good night to his parents. Unluckily for them good night was also good bye. He killed his father but only wounded his mum. No guesses for where he was headed next.

When he got back to the barbecue he was pleased to see that it was still going strong. He didn't even say a word as he walked in, raised the gun and started picking of those he felt had wronged him earlier in the night. His main target, the host who had earlier told him to fuck off, was first to die.

He then got the hosts sister, but only managed to puncture her lung, allowing her to survive. Before the spree was over three more had fallen dead, many more injured.

Then the police came in all guns blazing. Zehetner was able to get two of the bastards, seriously injuring both, before turning the gun on himself and making a nice pattern on the ceiling.

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