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Robert Joseph ZANI





Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Parricide - Robberies
Number of victims: 3 - 6 +
Date of murders: 1967 - 1979
Date of arrest: March 28, 1980
Date of birth: February 26, 1944
Victims profile: His mother and multiple robbery victims, with a preference for real estate agents
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Oklahoma/Texas/Arkansas, USA
Status: Sentenced to 99 years in prison in Texas 1981

In 1967, student activist George Vizard was slain at his convenience store job in Austin, Texas. In 1974, Gladys Zani disappeared from her Tulsa, Oklahoma home and was never seen again. In 1979, real estate agent A.J. Dess was robbed and murdered while showing property to a married couple.

Responsible for these varied killings was Robert J. Zani (son of Gladys Zani), a University of Texas graduate and apparent psychopath. The original investigation of the Vizard case was botched, but 14 years later Zani was convicted, thanks in part to cooperation by Zani's Mexican wife.


Robert Joseph Zani

"Robert Zani...does more than just kill his mother. He beats her over the head with a hammer until---well, you don't want to hear about that. That's before he takes her and his band saw into the basement." --- The Wall Street Journal

For thirteen bloody years, a psychopath ran loose in Texas. His name was Robert Joseph Zani. He killed his mother. He killed a kid in a convenience store. Then he began to terrorize Texas real estate agents. With the help of his Mexican wife---a former prostitute turned bruija, or witch---he carried out his bizarre scam with cold and deadly precision.

...And Zani would have kept right on killing if it weren't for two Austin cops who wouldn't give up...who crisscrossed Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico on a grotesque trail strewn with corpses. Their story is compelling high-tension true crime at its best...a tale to give you chills about the killers still out there among us.


Robert Zani, a UT alum, was convicted 14 years after the July 23, 1967, murder of student activist and open member of the Communist party, George Vizard. Vizard was found dead in the convenience store where he worked (and where Zani once worked as well) with one bullet in his left bicep and a second in his back.


Robert Joseph Zani


MO: Killed his mother and multiple robbery victims, with a preference for real estate agents

DISPOSITION: 99 years on one count in Tex., 1981; 99 years for mother's murder in Okla., 1982 (overturned on appeal, 1986).

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Robert Joseph Zani



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