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Theunis Christian OLIVIER





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Paedophile child killer - Rape - Kidnapping
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: December 2005
Date of birth: 1958
Victim profile: Steven Siebert (male, 6)
Method of murder: Strangulation
Location: Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
Status: Sentenced to life in prison on August 8, 2007

Theunis Olivier sentenced

August 08, 2007

Paedophile child killer Theunis Olivier was sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday for the murder of six-year-old Steven Siebert.

Passing sentence, Mr Justice Essa Moosa said the cold-blooded nature of the murder was an aggravating factor.

"What is aggravating in your evidence is that while you strangled the child you watched him die with no emotion."

Judge Moosa sentenced Oliver to 14 years for indecent assault and 10 years for kidnapping. All the sentences are to run concurrently.

Steven's parents, Thomas and Elaine Siebert, sat quietly as the judge spoke.

Olivier showed no emotion throughout sentencing.

Steven was found dead close to Olivier's house in Plettenberg Bay in December 2005. The Sieberts, who live in Johannesburg, were on holiday in the resort at the time.

Moosa said the nature of the indecent assault had led the court to hand down a harsher sentence than the prescribed 10-year minimum.

"The indecent assault was particularly gruesome, as it involved inflicting bodily harm on an unsuspecting child of six years old."

The judge said the kidnapping was "the trigger" that set the crime in motion.

Afterwards, Steven's parents said they were encouraged by the support they had received from the community.

Elaine Siebert said she felt no sympathy for Olivier. "He made conscious choices as an adult. He is a victim of his own crime."


I abused 200 boys, says child-killer

August 04 2007

By Clayton Barnes

Convicted child-killer Theunis Christian Olivier told police after his arrest that he had sexually molested more than 200 boys.

His perverted career, which he told police had lasted for 30 years, ended in December 2005 when he was arrested for the murder of six-year-old Steven Siebert in Plettenberg Bay after he enticed the boy away from outside his parents' holiday home.

Olivier was found guilty in the Cape High Court on Tuesday of kidnapping, sexually assaulting and murdering Steven.

Olivier's trial, which has horrified South Africa, highlighted the fact that there is no national list of paedophiles in South Africa and that allowed him to work as an assistant in a boys' school without anyone being aware of his perversion.

Child rights groups this week pressed the National Council of Provinces to fast-track the passing of the Sexual Offences Bill so that a proposed register of child-sex offenders could be implemented.

The bill provides for a regularly updated national register of known paedophiles to be made available to the public.

The investigating officer in the Olivier case, Inspector John Nomdoe, said on Friday that Olivier had confessed to having sexually assaulted more than 200 young boys over the past 30 years.

This week Olivier has been testifying in mitigation of sentence before Justice Essa Moosa about the days leading up to December 23. He also told the court he had been diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder in 1978 - and that since the age of six had had eight alter egos.

He blamed one of these personalities, "Theo", for Steven's murder but when the judge asked Olivier if he could speak to Theo, he thought for a moment and then replied: "No, I am in charge now."

Asked to identify his personalities, Olivier listed eight names - his birth name of Theunis Christian Olivier and seven others as his alter egos: Raymond Sinclair, Brian Shannon, Chris Oliver, Theo, Ruuss, Sharon and Tory. He said it was Theo, the most powerful of them all, who killed Steven.

Asked in court by State advocate Jan Theron if he saw himself as a danger to society, Olivier responded: "Yes, I do see myself as a danger to society, but with treatment I won't be a danger to society. The day after the confession I requested the investigating officer to take me and shoot me. I felt terrible. All I wanted to do was die.

"If there was the option of the death sentence, and if treatment for me was denied, I'd say give me the death sentence."

The case will continue next week but, even after he has been sentenced, Olivier's days in court will be far from over. He has still to face five charges of indecently assaulting boys under the age of 14 in Ladysmith.

The police are also investigating his activities in towns and cities in which he has lived since he entered South Africa illegally from Zimbabwe in 2000.

This week, Nomdoe told how Olivier had served a 16-year jail term in Zimbabwe on seven counts of indecent assault and one of rape.

Once he arrived in South Africa, he continued his orgy of molestation before being arrested for Steven's murder.


I must be given hope - Steven's killer

Olivier claims he has 8 personalities

By Fatima Schroeder - The Star


If child-killer Theunis Olivier does not receive psychiatric help, he will seek another victim.

The 50-year-old man, who claims his personality has been split into eight, says that sending him to prison for the rest of his life would not solve his problem.

A prison sentence, coupled with psychiatric treatment, would help him become a better person, he says.

Olivier told the Cape High Court yesterday that one of his eight personalities, named Theo, was solely responsible for the December 2005 kidnapping, indecent assault and murder of 6-year-old Steven Siebert in Plettenberg Bay.

Olivier was convicted of the charges on Tuesday. He uses the name Theunis Olivier only for legal purposes.

The court heard that he uses the name Ray Sinclair because, he says, Sinclair's personality has taken control of his body.

Included in the eight personalities are one of a woman, Sharon, and a boy, Tory. There may be additional personalities, Olivier said, but they have not been clearly identified.

"I honestly and truly believe in my own heart and my own mind that I, in myself, did not commit the offence on the day of the 23rd of December 2005 I firmly believe that Theo was responsible for the act and, at the time of the act being done, I, in myself, was powerless over him," Olivier said.

He had "bitterly" condemned Theo for the murder. But he had discussed it with Theo, and Theo was remorseful and had accepted blame, Olivier said.

He told state advocate Jan Theron that he did not intend to call Theo as a witness.

Olivier yesterday apologised for the murder, saying: "It wasn't supposed to happen It was beyond my control and I am truly sorry for that. I regret that it ever happened and I know that, no matter how long I live, it will always haunt me."

He said he didn't want Steven to die, adding that, even though a different personality was responsible for the murder, his body must be held responsible for it.

"You cannot punish the one without punishing the other.

"We are collective, together as one," he said.

However, he added that he did not believe that life imprisonment was an appropriate sentence.

"There are times when a person must be punished, but there are times when a person needs help. I believe that these are one of those times."

Olivier said he did not deserve more than 20 years in prison, and that his sentence must be accompanied by treatment.

"I should be given hope. If I were to be imprisoned for the rest of my life, there is no hope."

He admitted he was a danger to society and that he would commit such a crime again if he did not receive treatment.


Paedophile 'nearly got away'

06/06/2007 -

Tisha Steyn, Die Burger

George - Hair of the murdered Steven Siebert, 6, from Randburg was found in a cupboard of the house in Plettenberg Bay where self-confessed paedophile Theunis Olivier worked.

This was some of the shocking testimony heard in the circuit high court in George on Tuesday.

It also came to light that Olivier would have gotten away after the murder on the blonde boy, had it not been for an alert young policeman.

Helga Remane-Legacher from Parkwood, Johannesburg in an affidavit handed in at court, described how she had seen Steven with an elderly man with a long beard - dressed in "dark clothes" - brown jeans, a dark blue shirt and red cap - at a tree in the garden of 20 Stableford in Plettenberg Bay.

Said he was 'jogging'

Steven's parents, Thomas and Elaine Siebert, rented the house for the holidays.

Terry Cairns, owner of the house at 13 Cordovan Street, where Olivier did tiling, testified that he had informed police that Olivier might be a suspect because he had shaven his long beard on that day.

Sergeant Otto Olivier testified captain Guy Clift, who co-ordinated the search, had asked him to fetch the suspect from 13 Cordovan Street. He testified that the suspect had a beard like that of "Father Christmas", according to people who had seen the suspect with the boy.

Olivier searched the house. He noticed that the suspect's bags were packed, that a bundle of wet clothes were in the bath and that he had just shaven, as there was still blood on his neck and face.

He took the suspect to Stableford Drive, where witnesses who had seen him with the boy weren't 100% sure that it was him.

Olivier took the suspect back to 13 Cordovan Street and told him to stay there as he was still a suspect, but that there was "not enough evidence to arrest him", said Clift.

Constable Justin Plaatjies, who was on patrol in a police vehicle, was on his way to Clift when he noticed the suspect in Grisnez Street about 10 minutes' walk from Cordovan Street, he testified on Tuesday.

The suspect said he was "jogging", but he was clearly not dressed for jogging and was walking, Plaatjies testified.

Plaatjies searched him and found about R6 000 in cash on him, the money he had earlier received from his employer. He was taken to Clift, and they decided that he should be held at the police station.

According to the investigating officer, inspector John Nomdoe, who also testified, he was called to help question the suspect. He and a detective (only known as sergeant Theunissen) started questioning the suspect about 22:15 on that Friday afternoon.

Olivier was formally arrested about 05:00 on Saturday morning, the day before Christmas.

The boy's body was found in bushes in the yard of 13 Cordovan Street on Saturday morning. Some of his blonde hair was also found in the cupboard in one of the rooms inside the house, where the hair was found attached to a splinter. The state pathologist was expected to testify on Wednesday.

According to Nomdoe, Olivier gave an oral testimony about 16:00 on Saturday. On Sunday he gave a formal admission of guilt before magistrate Les Strydom in the George magistrate's court.

On Monday, the day after Christmas, the suspect, who was until then known as Raymond Sinclair, for the first time revealed his true identity to the investigating officer as Theunis Christiaan Olivier.


Zimbabwean-born rapist and child killer Theunis Olivier (C), 48, sits, 01 August 2007, in the dock as he waits to be sentenced for the rape and murder of six year old Steven Siebert at the High Court in Cape Town.
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ianluigi Guercia/AFP/Getty Images)



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