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Patrick Odoch OKOT






The Bombo shooting
Classification: Mass murderer
Characteristics: Revenge - Killed victims to destroy evidence in a case of attempted rape that had been brought against him
Number of victims: 10
Date of murders: March 9, 2013
Date of arrest: 10 days later
Date of birth: ????
Victims profile: Sgt. Onesmus Adule, Cpl. Isaac Osele, Sgt. Joel Obote, Warrant officer II Francis Musana, Pte. Teddy Namatovu, Amina Asolo, Wilfred Oriba, Sarah Akol and Florence Akulu
Method of murder: Shooting (AK-47 assault rifle)
Location: Bombo, Uganda
Status: Sentenced to 90 years in prison on June 4, 2013

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The Bombo shooting was a mass murder that occurred in Bombo, Uganda on March 9, 2013, when UPDF private Patrick Okot Odoch killed ten people and wounded at least two others in a bar with an AK-47, before fleeing. He was arrested in Oyam District ten days later and charged with murder and attempted murder.


Army deserters, thefts, Gunmen attacked Mbuya barracks on March 5, app. to steal arms. Odoch had previously been arrested for consuming bhang. Simon Peter Otenyan killed two colleagues at Bombo barracks on February 4.

In the night of March 6, Odoch, a private attached to Bombo Barracks, wanted to rape, Grace Chandiru, 14-year-old daughter of Sgt Onesmus Odule and his wife Florence at the Bombo barracks. He fled when she raised alarm. The girl's parents reported the incident to police on March 7. Odoch promised revenge. Two days prior to the shooting Odoch entered the bar, locked the doors, before opening them again and leaving, probably planning his shooting.

Odoch and colleague entered the bar with Adules present at 9pm on March 8, Owner told him to drink somewhere else, referring him to incident during the previous night.


During the night of March 8, Odoch was on duty at the 23rd Air Defence Regiment. He left his post armed with an AK-47 assault rifle and 30 rounds of ammunition and arrived at Yumbe boys' bar in Pakele on March 9 at 12:12am. Upon entering he opened fire on the people present, killing Onesmus Odule, his wife Florence, the owner of the bar Amina Aseru, as well as four other soldiers and two civilians, while two persons were wounded.

Odoch then left and went towards Gogonya, 1.5km away from the bar, where he killed another person. Before finally fleeing he also robbed Halima Lukiya, stealing her hand bag, a mobile phone, and USh 2,000.

Nine of his victims died on the spot, while David Komakech died one hour later from excessive loss of blood. 23 spent rounds were recovered by police from the crime scene.


  • Sgt. Onesmus Odule

  • Florence Akullu, wife of Onesmus Odule

  • Sarah Akole

  • Amina Aseru, the bar owner

  • Pte. Teddy Namatovu

  • Sgt. Joel Obote

  • Wilber Odiba

  • Cpl. Isaac Osere

  • David Komakech

  • Warrant Officer Francis Musana

Wounded were Joyce Asiyo, 44, and Ismail Akbar, 14, son of Amina Aseru. Sgt. Francis Ogugu reportedly was also injured.

After the shooting the army offered every family of the victims 2,150,000 million shillings as condolescences and for burial arrangements, as well as coffins and transportation of the dead to their ancestral homes.

Manhunt and arrest

Following the shooting security measures were tightened, and all army deserters in the area were ordered to leave, or they would risk arrest. Also a night curfew was imposed, forcing all businesses to close at 10pm, and limiting movement from 11pm onward.

Joint forces of police and army searched for Odoch and laid traps to capture him. The search operations resulted in the finding of Odoch's uniform on March 10, and on March 14 of the rifle used in the shooting, which was recovered near a factory in Nakatonya Village in Nyimbwa Sub-county and was still loaded with three rounds.

When Odoch called his colleagues to ask for financial help, investigators managed to track his mobile phone. He was arrested on the night from March 18 to March 19 at Abere Trading Centre in Ngai Sub-county in Oyam District, brought to the army barracks in Lira and charged with murder, attempted murder, misuse of a firearm, aggravated robbery, and failing to protect war materials, before being transferred back to Bombo, where he was held to be court-martialed in a public trial.

After denying all charges raised against him Odoch was put in remand at Makindye Military Prison until April 17. Preliminary hearings for the case began on April 22 at Bombo Town Health Centre. The maximum punishment Odoch is facing for the crime is a death sentence.


Bombo killer soldier gets 90-year jail sentence

By Dan Wandera -

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The General Court Martial has sentenced a UPDF soldier, Pte Patrick Okot Odoch, to 90 years in jail for murder, attempted murder, failure to protect war material and attempted robbery.

kot was given a 65-year jail term for the murder of 10 people, who included five fellow soldiers, in a bar in Bombo Town.

The court also sentenced him to 25 years in jail for failure to protect war materials. Each of these two sentences will run independently, court ruled. The court also gave Okot a 15-year jail term for attempted murder. Okot was also sentenced to 20 years in jail for attempted robbery. The two sentences run concurrently under the 90 years.

Okot remained calm, showing no emotion even after the sentence. He even waved at the public outside court.

The public in Bombo Town yesterday expressed mixed reactions to the court sentence.

While authorities, including the Bombo Town Council Chairperson, Ms Aisha Kadala, welcomed the sentence as deterrent, several residents, including relatives of those who died in the incident, said the jail term can never be equated to the lives lost.

Mr Mustafa Onegi, who lost his brother David Okecha, told the Daily Monitor that the sentence was very unfair to the relatives of the deceased. “Okot will be very safe in prison but our dear ones are gone forever. We thought the death penalty would heal some of our wounds since the convict has not respect for other peoples’ lives,” Mr Onegi said.

However, Mr Mustafa Kamis Kenyi, 70, a senior resident of Mpakawero Zone, where the incident occurred, told the Daily Monitor, said the sentence is fair and an equivalent of a death penalty, arguing that the convict would be in jail for a long time with little hope of leaving prison alive.

Court martial chairman Fred Tolit said the court had made wider consultations in regard to the international humanitarian laws which are against the death penalty. Both the defence and state prosecution told the court that the convict was a first offender with a clean service record except for the offences for which he was appearing before court.

Luzira shooting incident

In January, a court martial sentenced Herbert Rwakihembo, a UPDF soldier to 30 years in prison for shooting dead three people and injuring one in Luzira last year. The court martial sitting at Luzira Church of Uganda Primary School found Rwakihembo guilty of three charges of manslaughter and attempted murder.

Rwakihembo was sentenced to 30 years for each of the three charges and five years for attempted murder. The sentences will run co-currently. The court heard that on December 10, 2012, at Kisenyi Zone III, Luzira in Nakawa Division, Rwakihembo shot dead Irene Namuyaba Nakibirango, Zaina Nassolo Nalongo and Loyce Kawendeke.


Bombo killer soldier sought 'revenge'

By Steven Candia and Simon Masaba -

March 11, 2013

BOMBO - The soldier who allegedly shot dead 10 people in Bombo at the weekend could have acted out of deep-seated anger that drove him to revenge against a couple that was at the bar, it has emerged.

The Police said preliminary investigations indicate that the soldier, Pt. Patrick Okot, could have been bitter with Sgt. Onesmus Adule and his wife, Florence Adule, after the couple reported a case against him to Police two days prior to the incident.

The Police said on the night of March 7, the Adules reported a case of criminal trespass and assault against Okot after the soldier allegedly assaulted their 14-year-old daughter. The girl had allegedly resisted his sexual advances.

The previous night, the Police said, the Adules were having a drink with six other people at the local joint when somebody tipped them that they had a problem at home in the barracks.

As they rushed home, they met someone fleeing and their daughter screaming. She narrated that she had been assaulted by Okot who demanded for sex and had fled when she raised an alarm.

“They came and reported a case here,” Richard Emuna, the Bombo Police Station boss, said.

The Police suspect that when the couple returned to the Police station to finalise formalities of having their daughter examined by the Police surgeon on March 8, information could have leaked to the soldier that the couple had reported a case against him, hence the anger.

Matters, the Police, said, were not helped when the soldier, in the company of another colleague, turned up at about 9:00pm to have a drink at the same bar where the Adules were, only to be sent away by the owner on account of the events of the previous night.

“She told them that they couldn’t drink in the same bar with the Adules and asked them to go and drink somewhere else,” Emuna said. It is this, together with reporting of the case, that the Police suspect could have angered Okot.

At 12:12am local time, Okot struck, shooting indiscriminately, killing his victims in a hail of fire.

The bodies of victims have been returned to Bombo military barracks after postmortem examinations ahead of being claimed by their relatives today for burial.

Security sources yesterday said the army and the Police were carrying out a joint massive manhunt for the soldier.

Security teams on Saturday recovered an army uniform and a pair of boots suspected to have been abandoned by the soldier in Nyimbwa sub-county, Luwero district.

By Sunday, both the soldier and the killer firearm had not been traced.


Soldier arrested over Bombo massacre

March 20, 2013

The fugitive soldier suspected to be behind the Bombo massacre in which 10 people were shot dead has been arrested. Private Patrick Odoch Okot was arrested Tuesday in Oyam district.

Private Patrick Odoch Okot was arrested Tuesday by a joint security team, bringing to an end 11 days of an arduous manhunt. The operation was commanded by Capt. Muhangi Byron.

Parading him before journalists at Lira army barracks on Tuesday, the 5th division spokesperson, George Musinguzi, said they got a tip-off from Ngai Gomolola internal security officer.

During the operation, Okot tried to run, but he was chased by the soldiers, arrested and transported to Lira barracks under tight security.

Deputy Police spokesperson Vincent Ssekate said Okot was ferreted from his hideout in Abere trading centre, Aramita parish, Ngai subcounty.

Plans were in the offing to have Okot transferred to Bombo, the scene of crime today, before being arraigned before the Court Martial on charges of murder.

Other sources said the soldier also faces a number of charges, including murder, misuse of a firearm, attempted murder and aggravated robbery, given that on the ill-fated night, he robbed some of his victims while in flight.

His arrest comes days after security operatives recovered the suspected killer gun from Nyimbwa sub-county in Luwero district.


UPDF soldier on trial for killing 10 people

By Pascal Kwesiga -

April 22, 2013

As the public trial of the UPDF soldier accused of murdering ten people in Bombo town kicked off, it emerged that the accused reportedly killed victims to destroy evidence in a case of attempted rape that had been brought against him.

The General Court Martial presided over by Brig. Fred Tolit at Mpakawero village in Bombo Town Council in Luwero district where Pte. Patrick Okot allegedly killed nine people before killing another one as he fled, heard that the accused was due to go on trial for attempting to rape a daughter of one of the victims.

Prosecution witness, Florence Ajang told court at Bombo Health Center III on Monday, that on March 06, 2013, the accused raided the home of Sgt. Onesmus Adule where he attempted to rape his 13-year old daughter, Grace Candiru.

It also emerged that Okot had a fight with Adule at the bar operated by the wife of the former before he raided his home where he attempted to rape his daughter.

Okot is facing ten counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder, one count of failure to protect war materials and another one of aggrevated robbery.

Prosecution led by, Capt. Fredrick Kangwamu and Lt. Gerald Bamwitirebye alleges that Okot on March 08, 2013 gunned down, Sgt. Onesmus Adule, Cpl. Isaac Osele, Sgt. Joel Obote, Warrant officer II Francis Musana, Pte. Teddy Namatovu, Amina Asolo, Wilfred Oriba, Sarah Akol and Florence Akulu at a local bar in Mpakawero village.

He is also accused of having attempted to murder, Francis Ogugu, Grace Asiyo and Akibalu Isule on the same day.

Akulu was the wife of Adule and mother of the girl that the accused attempted to rape. As he fled, prosecution alleges that Okot killed a security guard, David Oketcho before robbing, Lukia Atimango and Norah Alanya of sh2,000 and a mobile. He reportedly found the two ladies with Oketcho heading to a place where they were going to mark the last funeral rites of their deceased friend at Nakatonya village in Bombo Town council at around 1:00am.

According to Ajang, after he allegedly killed nine people at the bar located behind the cells of Bombo general military headquarters, the accused proceeded to the home of Adule where he shot through the house three times before shooting into a nearby house belonging to, Pte. David Barugala whom he accused of intervening when he attempted to rape Candiru.

The home of the late Adule is a few meters away from the bar where he was killed with his wife along seven others within Bombo barracks.


Will Bombo Murder Suspect Survive Trial?

By Nagenjwa Sharon -

April 30, 2013

Private Patrick Okot Odoch's survival chances seem to be weighing down as prosecution presents more witness to pin him.

The number of witnesses pinning the soldier has amounted to 17 while more are still being present.

Private Patrick Odoch Okot is charged with murder, attempted murder, robbery and misusing his gun, cases he is accused of committing on the 8th of march.

On 22 April 2013 witnesses took to the floor and accused the suspect of committing the said crimes, including Lukia Aluma who was kidnapped by the suspect on the fateful night.

On day two

Private Baluggala David lukwago a neighbour to one of the deceased, identified as sgt.Odule was among the state witnesses today. He narrated to court how he had seen the suspect private Okot trying to molest Odule's  12 year old daughter Chandiru on 6th of march  but  was putting a knickers.

 The neighbour who was alerted by the girls' sad and seek for help yelling, immediately responded to the girls' plight forcing the suspect to stop his act.

Private Lukwago further testified that private Odule  the father of the molested child reported the matter to police. But quarrels erupted thereafter until the fateful day of 8th at around midnight when he heard gun shots at the bar but on peeping out he saw private Okot standing and holding a gun, he called him once but he instead pointed the gun at him.

The second witnesses who took to the floor identified as cpl.Odong Paul constatine who claimed to be Okot's friend being some one who stays near their village in Oyam district gave his side of the story saying that the suspect called him on the 9th of march after the incidence, asking for some money for he had trouble and wanted to go to Congo, he said he immediately reported this to the intelligence office who welcomed his help.

Ibrahim Fazil who claimed to be a farmer was the 3rd witness for today and was brought in amidst drizzles which could not deter the people from listening to him, told court how he had ever hired the suspect to slash for him with his friends and on the day of the incidence which was 9th, he had some one knock on his door and identified himself as Okot claiming to have no where to sleep, but he rather told him the house was full and on peeping out he saw him carrying a gun prompting him to make an alarm and Okot fleeing, adding that he rather abandoned his house from that day to some where else.

On day three

Prosecution presented more witnesses to testify against the suspect Private Patrick Okot Odoch who allegedly committed the offence on 8th March. One of the witnesses, a survivor of the shooting gave a chilling testimony that she lay among the dead for sometime on the night of the killings.

The Court Martial chaired by Brig. Fred Tolit did its third day here in this makeshift court at the Bombo Health Centre Three grounds in Luwero district. The court is sitting a few metres from where a soldier Private Patrick Okot Odoch who is attached to Air Defence allegedly shot dead 10 people on the night of 8th March.

Prosecution presented its 11th witness Lt. Samuel Kakaire who was the orderly officer that night. He told court that Private Okot was one of the soldiers he assigned guard duty that day but on checking his area after hearing gunshots, Okot was nowhere to be seen, so he had to find a replacement.

But one of the survivors of the attack, Joyce Asilo who is an employee of Mama Jackie's bar where the people were killed, gave the most chilling testimony. She claimed that a uniformed Okot came into the bar a few minutes to midnight holding a gun which he drew at Sgt. Adule who had asked him why he wanted to kill him.

She added that a few minutes later, Okot shot Adule and then opened fire on others in the bar including her, injuring her left leg. But she lay among the dead until morning when police picked her and a young boy as they took the bodies to Bombo Heath Centre.

Another witness Friday Mudaawo told court he was called in to take over Okot's guarding post after he disappeared after the shootings. Okot was later arrested from Oyam district where he was in hiding. Yet another witness Godfrey Nshekanabo, who was Okot's neighbour, said on the night of 8th March, Okot returned home in bad mood. And that Okot explained that he had been falsely accused of molesting Sgt. Adule's daughter and he was going to take revenge.

Nshekanabo added that Okot spoke of how he was an ex-LRA rebel who could cause trouble. They then parted ways, only for his neighbor to alert him to the sound of guns shots and after about 25 minutes, someone opened Okot's door and took out household property. They suspected it was Okot fleeing.

On day Four

A doctor told court that Okot was in a perfect state of mental health on the day of the killings. This therefore means Okot was not under the influence and may have committed the crimes for which he is accused fully in charge of his faculties.

The 15th prosecution witness Dr. Emmanuel Niwamanya told the General Court Martial chaired by Brig. Fred Tolit that that he examined the multiple murder suspect Private Okot Odoch. This was immediately after Okot's arrest in Oyam district where he fled after the Bombo murders on the night of 8th March.

Dr. Niwamanya says Okot was found in a good mental and physical condition at the time 10 people were shot dead and he is the key suspect.

Another witness Dr. Sam Kalungi, a senior pathologist in forensic medicine at Mulago National Referral Hospital performed the post mortem on the 10 bodies.

The expert who preferred to testify in camera confirmed that all the victims died of bullet wounds, and also indicated that the suspect fired multiple bullets targeting vital organs like the intestines and lungs. Therefore, the victims had very slim chances of survival.

Prosecution witness number 17, Dr. Stanley Mawombe is an employee of Bombo General military hospital. On the fateful night, he received the survivors who included Joyce Asiyo, Sgt. Francis Ogugu and a young boy Akabaru Zule, all of who had bullet wounds. Sgt. Ogugu who was also in Mama Jackies' bar on that fateful night told court that he was shot at the lower buttock although he did not clearly see the assailant.

Day Five

A fourteen year old girl, Grace Chandiru, pinned the soldier of trying to rape her a day before the shooting where Okot allegedly murdered 10 people.

Grace chandiru who testified to court with request from the chairman not to be shown on camera, is daughter to sgt. Onesmus Adule and Mama Jackie the owner of the bar where the shootings happened.

She narrated to court how on the 6th day of march 2013, the suspect whom she identified in the dock as private Patrick okot, bumped into their house at around 9 pm where he found her lying on her bed, and tried to defile her by force.

She made an alarm and two neighbors came to her rescue. Okot fled into the darkness.

She reported the matter to her parents, who reported the case to a nearby police post. This was a day before the gruesome murder of the ten victims.

Another witness to appear was Lt. Odongkara Geoffrey, a ballistic expert working with the intelligence unit in Bombo barracks,who recovered okot's gun, an ak47, at nyimbwa, outside Bombo town two days after the incident.

 The witness told court that the gun was found to have been used to fire bullets in the past few days. It was also found to contain two unused bullets.

OC CID, bombo police station Constantine Tarasis also testified before court that they tap into Okot's phone calls that revealed his exact location, days after the incident.



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