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Frank Anthony CANONICO





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Rape
Number of victims: 2 +
Date of murders: 1979 - 1981
Date of arrest: July 1981
Date of birth: 1942
Victims profile: Phyllis Schwartz, 43 / Willine Wall, 60
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Broward County, Florida, USA
Status: Sentenced to two life sentenced in prison in May 1982

A native of Brooklyn, Frank Canonico was arrested by police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in early July 1981, charged with the murders of two local women. 

Homicide investigators said Canonico had signed confessions in the shooting deaths of Willine Wall, age 60, and Phyllis Schwartz, age 43, of nearby Lauderhill. 

At least a dozen other murders were suspected, spanning five states, with victims shot in every case. By July 29, when Canonico was formally indicted on two counts of murder, police announced that he had openly confessed to killing twenty-five "loose women" whom he met in bars across the country.

Michael Newton - An Encyclopedia of Modern Serial Killers - Hunting Humans


Man Charged With 2 Murders May Be Suspect in 12 Others

The New York Times

July 18, 1981

A Brooklyn man charged here with two murders may have committed as many as 12 others in at least five states since 1979, the police said today.

Frank Canonico, 39 years old, was charged earlier this week with murdering a 60-year-old widow in Fort Lauderdale and a 43-year-old woman in nearby Lauderhill.

The police said that he had confessed to both killings, then began to talk about several other murders in which the victims, all women, were shot to death.


Murder Suspect Plans Plea

The New York Times

August 1, 1981

A man who the police say has confessed to killing as many as 25 ''loose'' women he met in singles bars will plead not guilty to two murder charges, his attorneys say. Frank Anthony Canonico, 39 years old, was indicted by a Broward County grand jury Wednesday in the deaths of Phyllis Schwartz, 43, of Lauderhill, Fla., and Willine Wall, 60, of Fort Lauderdale.



MO: Shot "loose women" met in bars while traveling

DISPOSITION: Two life terms in Fla., May 1982



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